During my career I have worked across Asia and the Middle East in the humanitarian sector, and across Europe as a software development and delivery consultant.

I currently work at Beamery as a DevOps engineer.


baytyab - Website for discovering couplets in classical Dari poetry

kmval - Kubernetes Kustomize Manifest Validator
story - Workflow tool for implementing stories across multiple inter-dependent node projects in a meta-repo
elasdx - Elasticsearch index template updating, reindexing and cleanup tool
microfest - Manifest and configuration management for SPAs driven by micro-frontends
rae - Docker Compose development environment container orchestrator
bfm - Tool for managing a Homebrew Brewfile dependency whitelist
call-me - CI-agnostic orchestrator for triggering tests on a shared environment pool across multiple pipelines

More work can be found on my GitHub account.


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